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English (translation). What will be? What will be? She asked him. An eastern wind blew. The heat increased. What will be? What will be?.

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Zehava Ben is one of the most popular Israeli female vocalists in the Mizrahi music genre; the One of her famous songs, "Ma Yihye" (What Will Be) from , was featured in the Buddha Bar collection. ("Our Hope Endures"), for which D'Or wrote the music and lyrics, on the CD Yesh Od Tikvah/You've Got a Friend.

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Translation of 'Ohevet (אוהבת)' by Zehava Ben (זהבה בן) from Hebrew to English. We'll close our eyes, when a star will fall. And it touches my.

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Zehava Ben lyrics with translations: Tipat mazal (טיפת מזל), Melech amiti (מלך אמיתי), Matok sheli (מתוק שלי), Pogeah Bi (פוגע בי).

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Personally I do not like Zehava Ben or her music but I do love her song טיפת מזל ( drop of luck), tell me if you like it. Zehava Ben - What Will Be?.

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Hebrew songs transliterated and translated into English as well as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Aba Yihyeh Beseder, Dad It Will Be Fine, Zehava Ben.