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If you need medical impairment rating services, contact The IME Care Center today! ordered to decide what work tasks someone may complete after their injury. to impairment ratings, which place the impairment on a scale and quantify the.

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Some states combine the impairment ratings to determine an overall level of bodily impairment, known as a whole person impairment rating. The whole person.

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INCREASE IN DEGREE OF WHOLE PERSON IMPAIRMENT. XIV. PART 1— CONTENTS. 2 Calculation of visual system impairment for both eyes.

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Items 5 - 24 Step Three: Psychiatric Impairment Rating Scales. (“rate”) the permanent impairment of whole body function (“impairment”) after a workplace.

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The whole person impairment rating (WPI) refers to the system for calculating the extent of serious, catastrophic injuries. It's a complex system that some believe.

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Permanent Impairment Ratings using the Guides to the Evaluation of the basis of the whole person. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.