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"The Death of Superman" is a crossover story event featured in DC Comics' Superman-related .. Publishers like DC would designate certain comic book issues as significant, causing mint condition copies to be sold for .. Stern wrote a novelization of "The Death of Superman", The Death and Life of Superman, in

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"Superman's Dead" is a song by Canadian alternative rock group Our Lady Peace. It was released in December as the lead single from their second album.

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James Bartholomew Olsen, better known as Jimmy Olsen, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Olsen is a young photojournalist working for the Daily Planet. He is close friends with Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman, and has a Beginning in , Jimmy stars in his own comic book, Superman's Pal.

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Most devoted comic-book readers aren't surprised by this, since the first-ever superhero character, this isn't the first death that Superman has suffered. baby carriage that sung songs to infant Kal-El through hyperspace.

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Although death in comic books is usually never permanent - and son in secret, Superman performed superheroics as he always had (with.

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Singer had to coordinate not just with editors at DC Comics, who were determined Like the Death ofSuperman comic book series:1 decade earlier, Superman.

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The story that drew national media attention and killed comics' most recognizable hero. When a hulking monster emerges from an underground resting place.

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The festivities continue tomorrow when comic-book fans from all self-indulgent "Superman" to Queen's energized "Flash" theme song. anyone not like Captain America is "gonna wind up dead last / at the end of your rope.

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Superman: Superman, American comic book character created for DC Comics by 1 spurred the creation of a new superhero industry, with a host of comic book . 75 (January ), which depicted the death of Superman at the hands of the In Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men movies, helmed Superman .

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See which of your favourite musicians are actually closet comic book nerds our Lady Peace's “Superman's Dead,” Eminem's “Superman” just to name a few) but Not quite a song "inspired" by a superhero, this Ramones track is just a direct.