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The Seattle Seahawks have a chance to repeat as Super Bowl champions. But struggling electronics retailer RadioShack will not be defending.

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The '80s called, they want their store back. Celebrities from the '80s invade a Radio Shack to take back their old stuff and make room for the.

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February 3, I don't like football and am usually immune to the charms of Super Bowl commercials. So I caught up with RadioShack's spot — which you can.

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Even though it's not even halftime yet in the Super Bowl, RadioShack already aired what might be one of the best comercials of the night.

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As RadioShack has shown in its new, Super Bowl commercial, you need to be able to laugh at yourself.

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For Radio Shack's Super Bowl commercial, the '80s gang is all here; the electronics chain mocks itself by revealing its new, renovated.

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All of your favorite characters and personalities from the s return to help renovate RadioShack in this Super Bowl commerical.

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Ad Age Managing Editor Ken Wheaton picks reviews and ranks all the national ads in the Super Bowl. The reality in this case is that if Americans think of Radio Shack at all, it's as a relic. So, the young store employee.

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February 02, PM. The Super Bowl doubled as throwback Sunday for RadioShack, with the brand unveiling a hilarious new ad that pays tribute to the.

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Super Bowl Best and Worst Commercials Radio Shack, “The Phone Call ”: '80s celebs like Hulk Hogan, Mary Lou Retton, Dee Snider.