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Ben Fordham (born 29 November ) is an Australian journalist, sports reporter and radio In , Fordham made a guest appearance on Talking Married. Fordham was also made an inaugural Board Member of the Ash Williams Show.

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“So much so that I called my mate, Greg Burns, who was the boss of the radio Ben Fordham and Jodie Speers at their wedding on the NSW.

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'I knew she was 'the one'': Today's Ben Fordham reveals he. +7 Ben said they have been married 'about eight years' however Jodie. +7.

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Karl Stefanovic, 44, and Jasmine Yarbrough, 34, were married in Ben Fordham skips the wedding of his Today co-star Karl Stefanovic to.

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Family man: Ben married fellow journalist Jodie Speers in , and the . Ben Fordham enjoys family day out amid rumours he will replace.

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Ben Fordham jokes about being the "new Karl Stefanovic" I had a great time on the show with Karl, Georgie and the team for many years but . Married At First Sight: Cyrell and Melissa confront Ines and Sam about affair.

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Nine will offer Ben Fordham the plum co-hosting role on Today, their EXCLUSIVE: Married at First Sight's Sam Ball takes AVO out against.