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You can find the correct time for your location using the links below: Once you have found your exact location on the map simply click your location and hit the.

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An essential part of Agnihotra is the exact point in time of the performance – exactly at At evening Agnihotra the sun can still be seen above the horizon.

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If for any reason you cannot perform Agnihotra, another family member or friend can perform it. If you are not present at Agnihotra time, another family member or .

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The times at which Agnihotra is performed are clearly defined. It is sunrise and sunset. At these times, an exceptional kind of peace can be notice in nature which has a the exact Agnihotra times for your residence, you need a time table.

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Agnihotra is practised at exactly sunrise and sunset every day. If you miss the timings it is not Agnihotra and the healing effect of the ash will be missing.

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If you do not find Agnihotra time table of your area of interest, you can download the same from bigboydancegroove.com

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Agnihotra is a Yagnya to be performed throughout your life, everyday regularly at sunrise and sunset. All other Yagnyas are time bound and are performed for.

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Agnihotra. Agni means FIRE and hotra means to offer unto the fire to create a healing effect. Agnihotra, also known as Homa Therapy or Fire Therapy is an Vedic.

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Agnihotra can be performed in any room or place in the house. . the sunrise or set one finds that the timings given in the computerized chart and the actual time .