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The where command does what you want and goes back at least to the resource kit for Windows 98, and is included by default in Server

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Because which is intended primarily for use when working from the Windows command prompt, it always searches the current directory first before consulting.

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The Whereis utility script, which Listing 1 shows, finds the location of a program whose name you type at the command line. The script also shows duplicate.

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bigboydancegroove.com Locate and display files in a directory tree. The WHERE command is roughly equivalent to the UNIX 'which' command. By default, the search is.

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Windows Server and later (i.e. anything after Windows XP 32 bit) provide the bigboydancegroove.com program which does some of what which does, though it matches .

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so question arises what is which / whereis command Linux commands Windows equivalent? In older Windows Home / Server editions – e.g.

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The macOS Terminal equivalent of the Windows Command Prompt command where is which. Typing which java in my macOS Terminal yields.

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However, there are several ways to use the command line to find command, type man locate or man mlocate in a Terminal window and press Enter. The whereis command searches through a list of specific directories for.