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State of Michigan - Spring bird migrations can be an extraordinary sight, but there's another significant wildlife migration happening right now.

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Though salamanders and lizards may look similar, they are quite different! Salamanders belong to the group of animals called amphibians. Amphibians usually.

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Ambystoma laterale, Blue-spotted salamander, Adults are to inches Considered an endangered species in Michigan.

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A lot of salamanders in Michigan may look somewhat odd, like a weird blue- spotted salamander that seems to share characteristics with other species of Mole.

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Mudpuppies (Proteidae), Sirens (Sirenidae), Salamanders (Ambystomatidae), Newts (Salamandridae), and Lungless Salamanders (Plethodontidae) all belong .

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The chief conservation concerns for Illinois salamanders are habitat . Although fairly common in Lake Michigan it has become rare in all other water bodies in.

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Field guide to Michigan's 23 species of amphibians--frogs, toads and salamanders. This popular, nontechnical guide includes large color photos of amphibians.

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The Marbled Salamander is a medium-sized ( - 5 inches adult length), thick- bodied salamander with white or gray bands across a black to dark brown-black .

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Finding and Understanding Salamanders in Michigan! Getting to know Michigan's Salamander Species. In Michigan we have 10 amphibians that are in the.