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Actually you can't. But you can try chasing him: You get the toy bird in the toy store, because the Pet Shope owner said that to find Eddie's (the snake) favorite .

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The coral snake Eddie, whose habitat is in the far right side of the store, is missing! Call the store owner, who'll tell you he might be hiding behind his favorite.

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Feb 21, Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough . Chasing Eddie the Coral Snake.

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Night Watch Island is the 33rd Island on Poptropica. In it, you must Call him, and he'll tell you Little Eddie, the coral snake, could just be hiding behind a rock.

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Little Eddie is a mischievous coral snake that you will encounter on Night Watch Island. Little Eddie is a coral snake that doesn't act in aggression when.

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Jan 15, Pet Shop Owner – suggests you check on the coral snake, who gets out .. Looks like the next Poptropica island takes a cue from movies like.

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Sep 12, Coral snakes are poisonous in real life, but it is unknown of Little Eddie is poisonous or not. Little Eddie is also rather smart, as shown when he.

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The store owner will call you again, and inform you to obtain the snake's favorite snack in an attempt to lure the snake back.

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How do you know when you find the capsule on poptropica? . On Night Watch Island, you have to chase a coral snake named Eddie around the mall. He goes.

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There are snakes all over in Poptropica. On Night Watch Island, you have to chase a coral snake named Eddie around the mall. He goes to MacGuffin's, then to.