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Where Is My Mind? How do you play it if you have to pick up the key? ;. You guys can always transpose to different key if you want less.

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"Where Is My Mind?" is a song by the American alternative rock band Pixies. Although the song David Chen, Cello Put in Pop, Maxence Cyrin's piano cover of the song has been featured on TV shows such as The Leftovers and Mr.

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Scorings: Instrumental Part Instrumental Solo. Instrument: Cello, range: C2-F3. Pages: 1. Product #: MN Lyrics: Does not contain lyrics.

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It completely blows my mind when people tell me this. I don't . It goes from string octet to solo harpsichord to piano, viola, cello, electric guitar, drumset. One of.

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Explore Janett Loss's board "Piano and Cello for Andrew" on Pinterest. | See more Steve, from the Piano Guys, piano Where Is My Mind, Piano, Pianos.

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James Todd - Quiet Beauty: Heartsongs for Cello and Piano - bigboydancegroove.com Music . I LOVE THIS CD! the music resonates with my mind and body. Some pieces.