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Lyrics. 1. — Jesus once was a little child,. A little child like me;. And he was pure and meek and mild,. As a little child should be. So, little children,. Let's you and I.

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Lyrics to 'When Jesus Was a Little Child' by Mormon Tabernacle Choir. When Jesus was a little child, / He made a garden in the wild. / There grew a rosebush.

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Lord Jesus, take me by the hand. Make me like a little child again. Lord Jesus, help me understand. What it means to have You as a friend.

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Finbar Furey; Once When I Was Once when I was a little child. I saw something sad it made me cry. A bird that fell there that couldn't fly it's wings beat out.

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This Little Child Who would of tho't that long ago So very far away A little child would be born And in a manger laid And who would have tho't this little chil.

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A little child may know. Our Father's name of Love; 'Tis written on the earth below, And on the sky above. Around me when I look, His handiwork I see; This world.

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Still Her Little Child Lyrics: When she laid him in a manger / He was still her little child / In a city filled with strangers / He was still her little child / Though the inn.

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Video clip and lyrics The Faith Of A Little Child by B. J. Thomas. And if you say Unto this mountain be thou removed and be cast into the sea It will obey you.