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Notification settings include sounds for incoming individual and Group Chats, in- app notifications, banners and message previews. To customize your.

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Here you can choose different ringtones for messages, group messages and Note: Custom notification sounds for messages can be set in WhatsApp Settings .

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have you tried uninstalling or disabling this Chatlock app that you're talking about and see if you're getting notifications then?.

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Want to hide when you've read someone's message? click the name and go to Custom Notifications where a different sound can be selected.

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Has anyone else seen this difficulty with Whatsapp? . set it to either of those two , you are able to control if you want these notifications to have a sound or not.

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It is listed as such in the Whatsapp settings. Yet, when I get a whatsapp message, the notification sound is the general text message sound.

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The notification tones are much to soft and after setting another tone,still but after i choose one of them and i do get a whatsapp message i do.

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As we've previously mentioned on Field Guide, WhatsApp now has a receipts for messages but again this disables them across the board.