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Wolverine is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel . Wolverine was born as James Howlett in northern Alberta, Canada, during the late s, purportedly to rich farm owners John and Elizabeth.

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The plot details Wolverine's childhood as James Howlett (Troye Sivan), his early . Born James Howlett, a Canadian mutant and future X-Men member and often referred .. Hugh Jackman also posed as Wolverine for the Got Milk? campaign.

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Probably the only thing that's known about him is that his name is Logan — but is that even true? In the new Wolverine film, which is called.

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A mutant with healing power, adamantium metal claws and no-nonsense attitude makes the man called Logan, one of the most ferocious heroes in the universe.

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Wolverine was born James Howlett in Alberta, Canada, but his real father was the estate groundskeeper Thomas Logan. After he was thrown out of the estate.

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He was born as James Howlett, but he adopted the nickname 'Logan' to keep his identity secret. (Logan was the last name of his.

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Real Name: James Howlett, now goes by Logan Identity: Secret Occupation: ( current) Adventurer, member of the X-Men, (possible former) Samurai, (former) CIA.

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Troye Sivan (young; X-Men Origins: Wolverine) Wolverine (born James "Jimmy " Howlett, usually referred to as Logan) was a mutant born Hugh Jackman likened Wolverine to reluctant heroes Dirty Harry and Mad Max.

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I have a question about Wolverine's last name. I says his name is James Howlett and I found out that his real father was Thomas Logan. So shouldent Wo.

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We've prepared ten facts about Wolverine for anyone who might not be up on the history of the X-Men's His real name (it's not Logan).