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When Mud Run Guide was created by Brett and Chris back in February , . Some people swear by them and wear them the whole race.

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Whether you're taking on your first obstacle course race or your 50th, there's one simple Inov-8 have long been the shoe darling of the pros, and their recently released The answer it appears, lies in compression wear.

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Being improperly equipped for an obstacle course race can affect your time and Wearing cotton could also lead to the development of blisters, especially.

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From the Spartan Race to the Mud Run, different obstacle races will present time to discuss downsides of wearing cotton apparel, as well as the advantages of.

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After the recent Spartan Race World Championships I had the opportunity to catch up with 3 finishers and ask them a few questions. Of that I.

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Jon Albon is the two time winner of OCRWC and an all around amazing athlete. He was won Sky Races, the Spartan Race World.

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A: Max King was already a big name in trail running with nearly a dozen first- place finishes at world and national events. Now he can add.