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The coronary sinus is a collection of veins joined together to form a large vessel that collects blood from the heart muscle (myocardium). It delivers less- oxygenated blood to the right atrium, as do the superior and The coronary sinus receives blood mainly from the small, middle, great and oblique cardiac veins.

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The coronary sinus is located in the posterior portion of the coronary sulcus on the The coronary sinus receives drainage from most epicardial ventricular veins, The coronary sinus serves as the primary collector of cardiac venous blood.

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Receives deoxygenated blood from the vena cavae and coronary sinus and empties it into the right ventricle. Left ventricle. Pumps oxygenated.

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The ostium of the left marginal vein is typically located at the distal end of the coronary sinus. This vein receives deoxygenated blood from the area of the lateral.

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Cardiac electrophysiologists' use of the coronary sinus (CS) to map and Coronary sinus † Cardiac veins . The CS receives blood from the ventricular veins.

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form subendocardial arterial plexuses. Most of the blood from left ventricular muscle drains into the coronary sinus. The anterior cardiac vein receives blood from.

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The coronary sinus collects the majority of the cardiac venous blood. It receives the blood from the myocardium, a thick layer of muscle within.

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Coronary Sinus: The Great Coronary Vein empties into the Coronary Sinus, which in turn Empties Left Atrium: Receive blood from the four Pulmonary Veins.

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This chamber also receives impure blood from the heart veins through the coronary sinus. The right atrium pumps this blood into the Right.