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There are a lot of figures for the rate of unemployment in Zimbabwe doing the rounds, from 95% to 5%, which is surely the biggest range you'll.

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Unemployment Rate in Zimbabwe decreased to percent in from percent in Unemployment Rate in Zimbabwe averaged percent from.

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This statistic shows the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe from to In , the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe was at percent.

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Unemployment Rate measured as a percent of total labor force.

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Zimbabwe: Unemployment rate: For that indicator, The World Bank provides data for Zimbabwe from to The average value for Zimbabwe during that.

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The country's economy ha disappeared up its own printing press and the unemployment rate is now some 95%. In effect the benighted place.

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Facts and statistics about the Unemployment rate of Zimbabwe. Updated as of

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Estimates of Zimbabwe's unemployment rate range wildly from 4%, 60% to 95%. Why is the data so unreliable? We dissected it.

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JOHANNESBURG – Zimbabwe's largest workers union, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions says the country's unemployment rate is now.

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Graph and download economic data from to about Public Domain: Citation Requested, Zimbabwe, 15 to 24 years, unemployment, and rate.