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Top definition. red light special Lemme give you the red light special, honey we can go all night. Get a red light special mug for your coworker Rihanna. 2.

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Take a good look at it / Look at it now / Might be the last time you'll / Have a go round / I'll let you touch it if you'd / Like to go down / I'll let you go further.

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Historically, 'The Red Light' was a Signal that came from Brothels; Letting the Lonely, Sexually Charged Men who were 'Looking for a Little Love' -know that the .

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"Red Light Special" is a song recorded by American vocal group TLC for their second studio album CrazySexyCool (). Written and produced by Babyface, .

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It's about a woman who wants to make love to her man. The "red light special" refers to places where men buy mid-priced hookers. Apparently.

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a great night of sex and pleasure- like she's gonna go all the way.

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I think it's a whore house thing, listen to TLC's song, Red Light Special. Or maybe it's when someone is having sex and they turn on a red light.