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Ask a Question. How can i view my "other" message folder when i am using the FB mobile app (iphone app)?. Chat & Messages. How can i view my "other".

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1 Million For Removing The "Other" Mail Folder. The Other Inbox · PagesOther CommunityHow to read your Filtered Message Requests. English (US) · Español .

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It's a little-known fact that Facebook filters messages from unknown senders into a virtually invisible folder. And there they sit, easily overlooked -- unless you make an effort to access that inbox from time to time. If you have the Facebook Messenger app, however, you'll see.

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Making sure your Facebook profile stays private is relatively straightforward, but there's no way to stop other people from sending you.

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Users discover hundreds of 'filtered' messages buried behind a series of menus that they didn't know existed.

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When we discovered the 'Other' folder on Facebook last year, it was a mixed reaction of feeling bad we'd ignored certain people, and thankful.

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[Nearly a month later], a colleague at Slate sent an email around about the messages Facebook hides in an obscure folder labeled "Other".

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Back in , Facebook actually experimented with a feature that allowed users to have a message routed to the inbox instead of the “Other”.

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Facebook got rid of the "Other" inbox on Tuesday, but chances are you didn't even notice. The obscure folder served as a repository for.

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Facebook Messenger Secrets: How to Check Your Two Hidden Inboxes on iPhone Facebook has split the Other Inbox into two separate areas.