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Patina is a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of copper, bronze and similar metals or The green patina that forms naturally on copper and bronze, sometimes called verdigris, usually consists of varying mixtures of copper chlorides.

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The much admired natural protective coating of a blue-green patina characterizes older copper roofs, including ancient cathedrals as well as bronze statues and.

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Ever ask yourself, “Why does copper turn green?” The formation of patina on copper is similar to the formation of rust on iron. Both happen.

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Researchers used X-ray synchrotron radiation to figure out how copper corrodes into a green patina called nantokite found on buildings such.

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Patina is a term that refers to the blue-green layer of corrosion that develops on the surface of copper when exposed to sulfur and oxide.

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Just wondering if other people would share recipes for green patinas on copper. Im currently trying a sawdust bury method.. 1 part vinegar, 2.