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Atomic Spectra. Neon spectrum At left is a mercury spectral tube excited by means of a volt transformer. At the right of the image are the spectral lines.

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A spectrometer is an instrument used for studying electromagnetic emissions. cific wavelengths from the emission spectrum of mercury, to measure these.

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Emission spectrum for mercury vapor. The lines result from emissions of those colors by excited mercury atoms. The black areas are wavelengths that are not.

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Mercury: the strongest line, at nm, gives mercury a greenish color. Emission spectra are produced when atoms of a dilute gas are.

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Select element from periodic table Mercury Atomic Data Mercury Strong Lines Mercury Neutral Atom Persistent Lines Intensity Wavelength (Å) Spectrum Ref.

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Download scientific diagram | Emission spectrum of a mercury vapor lamp. from publication: Spectral Identification of Lighting Type and Character | We.

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measure the emission spectrum of a source of light using the digital spectrometer . • find the . Figure Emission spectra for hydrogen, helium and mercury.