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Yesterday we heard of a rating new to Madden NFL 11, the Old Spice-sponsored "Swagger." In the rollout of Madden player ratings, few noticed the attribute "SWG" - for swagger.. The "Old Spice Swagger" rating determines the likelihood of a player to celebrate on the way to the.

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One of the best parts of video games is ignoring character issues and signing the best players possible, regardless of chemistry problems.

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Philadelphia Eagles' Madden Player Ratings Breakdown: The ratings I found most interesting were the brand new "swagger" rating.

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MyMaddenPad has posted the details of what the "Swagger" rating is all about for Madden NFL

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Madden NFL 11 is an American football video game based on the National Football League, The installment of the Madden NFL series headlined new features such Lighting improvements, run blocking changes, new quarterback ratings, and a new Old Spice "Swagger" rating have also been added to the game.

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Tom Zbikowski needs to use Old Spice Swagger. Year after year gamers and football fans alike complain the only changes the Madden series.

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Can you name the Madden 11 Players with the Highest Swagger Rating? Test your knowledge Created Feb 6, ReportNominate Tags:highest, madden.

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Five points of intrigue we want to share from Madden with all of our Introducing Madden's new Swagger Ratings brought to you by a.

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EA Sports The Ravens might run away from the pack in "Madden NFL players, from Vince Young's speed to Chad Ochocinco's swagger.

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For gamers who live and die by PlayStation, X-Box, and Wii, Madden has a feature that is -- as they say -- "off the chain." Along with the.