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The luxury car limit for /16 for fuel efficient vehicles is $75, versus the standard $63, for non-fuel efficient vehicles. Although the owners of a fuel.

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Traffic management, Active highway management, Matches speed limits and vehicles allowed to join motorways with.

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The car limit is used to calculate depreciation deductions under the income tax law. This limit also applies to cars which are fuel efficient.

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Luxury car tax threshold and fuel efficient car limit

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How you drive and take care of your vehicle affects its fuel economy and emissions levels. The Union of Concerned Scientists has provided a few simple tips to.

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You can boost the overall fuel-efficiency of your car as much as 30% Here are some tips on fuel-efficient driving that will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, but could Drive Steadily at Posted Speed Limits.

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Is there a "sweet spot" on the speedometer that would give me maximum fuel In general, smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic cars will get their best mileage at.

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You can judge whether a car is luxury or not if it costs more than $ so if the car costs more than $57, (the depreciation value limit as *Fuel-efficient is defined by the ATO as: “A fuel-efficient car has a fuel.