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Electromagnetic waves are made up of Electric Fields (often called the E-field) and Magnetic fields (also known as H-fields). What is an H-field? The H-field is a .

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What's the difference between Electric Field and Magnetic Field? The area around a magnet within which magnetic force is exerted, is called a magnetic field.

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The strength of the magnetic field I (a constant flow of electric charges.

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So, according to my reading on previous researches, there are 3 pattern that related to gain of antenna which are E-field pattern, H-field pattern and gain pattern.

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FIG. 1: Dielectric materials, which have no free electrons, can be polarized ( internal dipole moments are induced) by an external electric field E resulting in a .

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E and B are the total electric and magnetic fields. D and H are the free electric and magnetic fields. P and M are the bound electric and.

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Radio waves should really be called electromagnetic or EM waves simply because they consist of a magnetic field and an electric field.

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the H-field losses and the absolute value of these losses around various 'iiViLh tll e values of the E-field losses and t he H-field losses ment ioned in t he in.

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Relationship between the electric field and magnetic field amplitudes of a harmonic EM-wave. We learned in the previous sections that E and B self-sustain each.