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CF stands for Carrier-Free. We add 50 µg BSA (carrier protein) per 1 µg of protein for stability. The carrier-free version does not contain BSA. Usually proteins.

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Read our help and FAQs on Proteins and Enzymes. Is carrier free recombinant protein recommended for use as a positive control on a Western blot? Yes, we.

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Growth factors are small protein molecules secreted by one cell to Carrier-free formulations are “for use in in vivo applications or where BSA.

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Mouse IL Carrier-Free from Invitrogen for Control and Functional Assay applications. Supplied as µg purified protein ( mg/mL) with M glycine and.

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Like our carrier-free formats, these proteins do not contain any carrier proteins; however, the animal-free products are produced in animal-free media with.

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BioLegend carrier-free recombinant proteins provided in liquid format are shipped on blue-ice. Our comparison testing data indicates that when handled and.

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Validated in relevant applications for specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility; Free from BSA or other carrier proteins that interfere with heavy metal conjugation.

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The DKK (Dickkopf) family of secreted proteins includes DKK-1 through -4, and a related protein, Soggy (DKK). Like DKK-1, DKK-2 can act as an antagonist.

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Catalytically-active inclusion bodies-Carrier-free protein immobilizates for application in biotechnology and biomedicine. Krauss U(1), Jäger.

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R&D Systems™ Human IL/IL-1F4, Carrier-Free Recombinant Protein 10μg R&D Systems™ Human IL/IL-1F4, Carrier-Free Recombinant.