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Hands down the best overall ink on the market for lino printing, in my After you get used to the inks you can try the different ink modifiers that.

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Block printing is also known as “relief printing” because the ink leaves or very fine details that tend to break off the block with too many uses.

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Permaset Aqua is also popular for block printing onto fabrics. It is widely used with lino, wood and ezy-carve rubber blocks. Block Printing with Permaset.

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It is usually not ink, but either a dye or a pigment mixed with some kind of goo to make a paste that won't run. A dye will soak right through the fabric, colour it on.

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Speedball Fabric and Paper Block Printing Ink is an oil-based ink that provides rayon, and other synthetic fibers, it can also be used on paper and cardboard.

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Then Speedball's Fabric Block Printing Inks are for you! Made from a water- washable oil, these inks print with bold, opaque color and maintain a soft hand.