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AOE - Area of Effect Its a term used for abilities that deal damage to all enemies in a certain area, eg, Morgana's Tormented Soil deals damage.

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Although stealthed minions cannot be targeted directly, AoEs will still affect them. Mage is a class with strong AoE damage abilities, but all.

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I keep hearing (in reference to Dragon Age) "the AOE spells", "use some and you're a total coward - but they do enough damage that you can.

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Area of effect (or AoE) is a term used in many role-playing and strategy games to Some of the abilities of this type also have an increase damage per bounce.

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Dominator(AoE), base attack, active skill: 95% damage against backline. His attack does damage to all enemies on the backline. It is an.

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Damn globadiers off-screen god geometry throws. Fatshark if you make AoE reduction for atleast 60% I'm buying another copy of the game.