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reasons; Recognising length of service; Recognising additional responsibilities ; Ring-fencing/pay protection.

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The law states that men and women are entitled to equal pay where they are doing the same work, or, in some cases, different types of work, but which are.

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For a woman to claim equal pay, she needs to be able to compare her pay to a man carrying out equal work (a 'comparator'). It is for the woman to select the man .

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The equal pay provisions are not about what is fair but about sex equality. as the law is different as are the time limits within which you have to bring a claim.

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Valid reasons why an employer might lawfully be able to impose unequal pay and other terms of employment.

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The law on equal pay claims has very recently changed. Read on to find out whether you may have a claim The Law in a nutshell The law provides that all.

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claims than any other firm – and we use that experience solely for the This booklet deals with equal pay claims under the Equality Act It applies in.