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Abolitionist literature, art, and poetry depicted the life of the slave and "If thee has not read it, by all means turn out & hunt the paper up & read it forth with.

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ABOLITIONIST WRITINGThe largest political agenda of the nineteenth century, the Source for information on Abolitionist Writing: American History Through Literature Riddled with racist stereotypes that have come to define modern-day .

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anti-slavery literature, proposing new laws, and smuggling slaves into free Canada. The Latin root abolere means “destroy,” and an abolitionist is generally a.

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This Encyclopedia Britannica literature list explores eight of the most influential and useful means that has been employed by abolitionists is the written word.

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Abolitionism (or the abolitionist movement) was the movement to end slavery. This term can be .. the first anti-slavery literature in Canada and began purchasing slaves' freedom and chastising his colleagues in the Presbyterian church who.

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Abolitionist definition: An abolitionist is someone who campaigns for the abolition of a particular system There is a vast literature on the abolitionist movement.

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Abolitionism definition, the principle or policy of abolition, especially of slavery of blacks in the U.S. See more.

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They further petitioned the federal government to have the post office stop the distribution of abolitionist literature. Congress decided that this would be.