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Geocaching is a popular "treasure-hunting" activity using GPS devices to track down a "geo-cache"; a small container containing different trinkets. However, not everyone is familiar with Geocaching, and those that aren't are called "muggles". The Oblivious Muggle: Muggles that are.

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"Muggles are non-geocaching folk. They like to report suspicious behavior and if possible, investigate what we are doing and sometimes take.

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Ready for my first geocache super excited but weary of muggles!!! What are they? Cheaters? commoners? serious question, by the way!.

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Caches disappear quite often, and it's blamed on muggles. People who don't know geocaching find a cache and might not put it back nicely.

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What is a muggle you ask? In 'Geo-Speak', a muggle is a person that does not geocache, and most likely has never heard of geocaching.

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A muggle is a word taken from the Harry Potter movies. A person In the same way a muggle is a person who doesn't understand what geocaching is. So you.