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Moonraker may refer to: James Bond[edit]. Moonraker (novel), a James Bond novel of by Ian Fleming. Moonraker, a fictional British nuclear missile.

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James Bond Film made in Sad little Moon Raker is conversing between its multiple personalities because no one will feed the troll. You could tell he's a moonraker because he's raking the moon's reflection in the pond.

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Definition of moonraker - a native of the county of Wiltshire., a small square sail set above a skysail on a sailing ship.

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Moonraker definition, a light square sail set above a skysail. See more.

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Moonraker definition is - a stupid fellow: simpleton.

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moonraker (plural moonrakers). Someone from Wiltshire. (After a story in which some Wiltshire peasants, seeing the reflection of the moon in a pool, tried to rake .

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moonraker definition: 1. a square sail at the top of a mast (= a tall pole) on a sailing boat, above the skysail (= usually the top sail on a mast): 2. a person who .

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also moon-raker, "stupid or silly person," in England, a name traditionally given to Wiltshire people, , from the stock joke about fools who mistook the.