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Publisher's Summary: Although the term "courtier poet" is widely used in discussions of Elizabethan literature, it has never been carefully defined. In this study.

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A courtier is a person who is often in attendance at the court of a monarch or other royal personage. The earliest historical examples of courtiers were part of the.

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The following paper is basically a commentary on four autographs of some of the most important courtier poets of the English Renaissance. It is known that the.

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Sir Thomas Wyatt was a prominent courtier in the court of Henry VIII. Wyatt's service was respected by Henry and he was knighted due to his.

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The Elizabethan Courtier Poets: The Poems and Their Contexts. (review). R. S. White. Parergon, Volume 18, Number 2, January , pp. (Review).

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ENG A: Courtier Poets3 Literary/Cultural Traditions & Courtier Poetry Italian literature –e.g., Petrarch's sonnet sequence to Laura (14th-c.) –literature on.

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Sir Thomas Wyatt was a courtier and diplomat and though, often grouped together Wyatt represented the courtier culture of his time in which poetry was rarely.