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Federal investigators arrested popular YouTuber Starlit “JinBop” Zhao last month for allegedly engaging in sexually predatory behavior toward a year-old female fan of his channel. The news of Zhao’s arrest first spread over the weekend through a YouTube news channel, and.

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Youtube Pervert Starlit “JinBop” Zhao Arrested for Intended Relations With Minor. now that their kid isn't online watching you play video games anymore. He's naturally a sick fuck and this would've happened regardless.

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As reported by the Youtuber Scarce, he has been arrested for allegedly trying to have sex with someone between the age of and groom.

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This is JinBop's channel, where we play hilarious games all day and laugh- with a mix We are merely subjects to his gallant wisdom and dashing good looks.

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hinted that "good sex" might get him to love her, indicated that she would be performing oral sex for the first time during the period that he was.

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Starlit Zhao (born: November 18, [age 25]), better known online as JinBop, was a Gaming YouTuber known for playing video games with.