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Discover what the world looked like on Thursday, September 17, on bigboydancegroove.com Which News were making the headlines?.

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September 17 is the th day of the year (st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. de Traba and the bishop Diego Gelmírez crown Alfonso VII as "King of Galicia". – Frida Kahlo suffers near-fatal injuries in a bus accident in Mexico, .. ); – Geoffrey Dutton, Australian historian and author (b.

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September 17, fun birthday facts no one tells you. Fun stat: Your first one billion seconds (1,,,) will happen sometime on May 26,

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What happened on September 17, Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Sep 17, or search by date.

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Learn what happened today in history around the world including major events on Liston in a technical knockout to win the world heavyweight boxing crown.

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Threatens toKidnap Elisabeth, CrownPrincess ofBelgium, Blaming HerFather, King CutlerDeadat88, ̄ThePatriotLedger,Quincy,Mass., September 17,

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On September 17, , the Vogue, the last surviving neighborhood movie Crown: S. Seventh St. Crystal: S Fourth St. Crystal: W Market St.