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I think it is supposed to refer to someone who is "cool" or "with it" they mean esta lindo (this or that is cool), ta is short for esta, chido= lindo this.

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has the same meaning as cool He is chido, i have been chatting with him for several hours. Cool in Spanish, as said before, but this is a MEXICAN word.

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Esa ropa esta padre = those clothes are cool. Ta(short for esta) chido = “That's cool” can mean I really like that or can be used when you mean.

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ta chido tu video barrio (or "bato" if misspelled) means: Your video is cool, You just need to discover what 'chido' means then you can piece.

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It's another way of saying “This is so cool”, “This is great” or “Awesome”. However, I must point out that even though it's a word that started being used in the 70's.

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Contextual translation of "ta chido" into English. Human translations with examples: ta, bp, mt, sa*, unm, chejo, ta da!, ta bom, sweet!, ta love, ta dice, ta otra.

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Many who aren't familiar with the word ​chida/chido have been asking lately: " what does it mean?" Chido is usually used in the Spanish to.