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This is an incorrect explanation of why wool felts, so I decided I should write a little Most Machine Wash yarn labels, however, mean you can do a gentle wash.

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If you've ever mistakenly felted a sweater or a pair of socks (or had a well- intentioned spouse do it for you) you may have wondered, why does wool felt?.

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Felting yarn is a wonderful way to add some playfulness to your next knitting or crocheting project. Felting is a process that causes a natural fiber felting yarn, like .

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Felted or Felting is when you crochet or Knit an item using % wool. the of felt" but not the "solid" fabric, or you would like to retain some stitch definition.

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Any non-animal fibers in your yarn will either cause it to not felt at all, A disclaimer is in order: I am by no means a felting expert, and I haven't.

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In your humble opinion, would you tell me what names of yarns, that are Merino at Jo-Ann's and I've seen Caron's Felt-It and LionBrand Lion Wool, I mean glad to know that I can buy some “Over The Counter” yarn LOL.