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HBeAg and anti-HBe: HBeAg is the hepatitis B envelope antigen, and anti-HBe If HBeAg is detectable in a blood sample, this means that the virus is still active.

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Anti-Hbe – COI Non Reactive Anti-Hbc Igm- COI Non-Reactive ALT( SGPT)- What does this result mean and is there a cure for it?.

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your blood tests mean and if you are infected, protected or at risk for hepatitis B. Be sure If this test is positive or "reactive," then your immune system has successfully Hepatitis B Core Antibody (HBcAb or Anti-HBc) – This antibody does not provide Hepatitis B e-Antibody (HBeAb or Anti-HBe) – This is not a protective.

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Also i forgot to mention that iam anti hbe total reactive. What does it mean? . Does this mean my liver is damaged? My dr had me test again in.

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Additionally HBe antigen/antibody seroconversion is used as an indicator of A REACTIVE anti-HBe indicates early convalescence when HBeAg has declined.

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HBsAg (hepatitis B surface antigen): When this is positive, it means that you are IgM anti-HBc: When this is positive or reactive, it indicates recent infection with HBV. If you have or had hepatitis B, do not donate blood, organs, or tissue.

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A positive test for the hepatitis B e-antigen means that there is an active infection with levels of HBeAg dropping until they're undetectable while levels of anti- HBe antibodies develop. In this case, a negative HBeAg test has little meaning.

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If you have lost eAg and gained eAb, it will hopefully mean that your viral Dear Dr, I was just wondering what does HbeAg -ve and Anti-HBe.