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The adder, also known as the common European viper, is the only venomous snake native to the UK. MOST of us will have heard of adders - the well-known snake is native to Britain and is one of the serpents most often spotted by the public. The adder, also known as the common.

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Some adders are in the viper family, but they are in different genera, such as the common adder or black adder of Europe (Vipera berus) and.

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Some snakes are venomous and can inject venom containing toxins as they bite. A bite If, after an adder bite, there are no other symptoms, such as swelling.

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Death adders look like vipers, but they belong to the elapid, or cobra, family. Adders are venomous, or poisonous, snakes. A bite from an adder can seriously .

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Our only venomous snake, the shy adder can be spotted basking in the sunshine It hunts lizards and small mammals, as well as ground-nesting birds, such as.

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This can sometimes be a good thing – as the only venomous snake in the UK they have often been persecuted in the past. Adder bites are painful but rarely fatal.