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With that said, you have officially joined the ranks of Flemish Giant breeding. Now what? As you know by this point, giant babies are born small & completely.

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Flemish bunnies are big rabbits. Most fully grown Flemish rabbits weigh around 14 pounds, but rabbits have been recorded weighing as much as 21 pounds.

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My hubby said NO ROOM.. so as babies how much room do they take I don't like raising the HUGE flemish because I feel like they are more.

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The Flemish Giant rabbit is a very large breed of domestic rabbit (O. cuniculus domesticus), and is normally considered to be the largest breed of the species. Flemish giants are a utility breed, and are most commonly bred for fur and . Flemish Giants can be fed like other rabbits, with the amount of food increased to match.

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In the event you are searching for a furry friend that is not just adorable, but # rabbithouses Cute Bunny, Bunny Rabbit, Big Bunny, Baby Bunnies, Funny Bunnies . Rabbit Breeds Assoication- except the newest breed as of November

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Bunny Butt - that's what my dog's butt looks like! we call her bunny butt. . Baby White Flemish Giant Rabbits ive got one and he has brown eyes looks just like.

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Flemish Giant bunnies can eat. In fact, they eat a lot more than most smaller rabbit breeds do. Flemish Giants require a high quality pellet with at least 16%.

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But if you're in the market for a pet that hops like a bunny but steals food off the Here are seven lengthy facts about these special creatures.

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There are ways to help rabbits giving birth to more kits than she can handle. . You can follow steps similar to these for a newborn litter and during the .. My doe is a 9 month old Flemish Giant that gave birth yesterday morning to 11 kits.