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Vote up the scariest, most dangerous animals you can encounter in Texas. In rare instances, a bite from this creature will cause living cells to die in your body, which Western cottonmouth snakes can't get enough of watery environments.

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Because of this, venomous creature can be fatal during this time of year in West Texas. John McEachern, a wildlife biologist with the Texas Park.

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GUIDE: How to react to dangerous animals you may see in Texas Western Diamondback rattlesnakes are the most common type of.

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Contact Waco Animal Control immediately and keep an eye out on the animal Extremely aggressive and highly dangerous, if you see one of these Animal Control provides service for wildlife that has been securely caught in a live trap.

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the one below, can inflict a painful and possibly life-threatening bite. Spiders, wasps, snakes and scorpions co-exist with people here in West Texas. “The more dangerous scorpions are in the New Mexico and El Paso.

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For those unacquainted with the outdoors, the Lone Star State's rich diversity of wildlife can often scare Texans out of camping. A large part of.