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Ryan is already in LA, holed up in a hotel until the week of the X Games, working seven days a week to make sure that everything is dialed.

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The making of X Games Minneapolis: How massive extreme courses are constructed Motocross bikers will ride up a gargantuan ramp of dirt with the bowl made of contiguous concrete, like an oversized swimming pool.

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The MegaRamp has been employed in competition at the X Games, where it is called "Big Air", since X Games X in.

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The winter X Games in Aspen began on Thursday, which means extreme skiers and snowboarders performing tricks that will make your stomach drop, even athletes get more hang time than the ramp alone would give them.

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No video games . The x games should do the same. Even the concrete parks aren't made into the existing ground, but are instead on their.

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How the Winter X Games Course is Made Not only are the ramps much bigger and perched on the side of mountains, they're made out of.

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ESPN's X Games, the world's premier action sports competition, has "greened the games" this year, including the use of a significant amount of.

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the company hosts tours and has made its presence felt with products In , Big Air debuted at X Games X and Way, who took gold, was.

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Essentially a halfpipe, the Vert Ramp for X Games Austin is 60 feet MOTO X Freestyle – In Freestyle, riders tackle a complex dirt course made.

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Are the X Games aging out? The kicker: they'd made it back from muddin' in time for Schoppert's daughter's second-birthday Atop the more standard vert ramp, or half-pipe, I saw a skateboarder, Bucky Lasek, wearing a.