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body's framework to support organs & muscle as well ad serve as an attachment site for muscles. bones form joints which provide levers for movement. the skeleton forms a reservoir for minerals, especially calcium, for maintenance of homeostasis.

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The major functions of the bones are body support, facilitation of movement, the hard portion of bone; the cause of kyphosis. 5. Which of the following can be.

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The skeletal system has five main functions in the body, three of which Like the steel framework of a building, bones provide rigidity, which.

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Bones serve some important functions but there are simple ways to protect your bone health and prevent Source: NUTTAB (5) and Sanitarium.

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Bone is often stereotyped as simply a protective and supportive framework for the body. Though it does perform these functions, bone is actually a very dynamic.

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Bones. There are bones in the adult body. The bones perform five main functions for the body: Provide support: The skeletal system provides structural.

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Bones are a connective tissue. They support the body and protect certain vital organs such as the brain, heart and lungs. They store minerals and lipids.

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The typical human skeleton consists of bones in adults. More bones are present at birth, which gradually fuse together as the body matures. The skeleton is.