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Jinn (Arabic: الجن , al-jinn), also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies, are supernatural Since jinn are not inevitably evil (nor good), Islam was able to adapt spirits from other religions during its expansion. Besides the jinn, Islam.

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From Disney's Aladdin to the subject of exorcisms, jinn spirits have influenced culture and religion for centuries in our realm and theirs.

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From the word jinn we get our English word genie, defined as a spirit in human form who grants wishes. According to the Quran, jinn will be judged the same as .

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Allah Almighty says:“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans, except they . with You from all offensive and wicked things [evil deeds and evil spirits]).'”.

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Jinni, plural jinn, also called genie, Arabic jinnī, in Arabic mythology, a supernatural spirit below the level of angels and devils. Ghūl (treacherous spirits of.

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The Five Types of Jinn and Their Threat to Your Digital Security Originally sea- spirits, they are often associated with water, and thought to take sanctuary in the.

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Forget what you think you know about the A'lam Al-jinn or the (Realm of the Hidden ones) or think you know about “genies” from movies and.