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A cameo role or cameo appearance is a brief appearance or voice part of a known person in a work of the performing arts.

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The Hollywood actors on this list have made some of the smallest, yet most memorable movie cameos in film history. Whether they were a zombie, telling you.

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If you make a movie but can't pay a big name actor full time then you might be able to get a cameo. This allows you to put that actor's name on the movie and.

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When a celebrity cameo is used right, it can be hilarious. We rounded up 30 instantly epic cameos in beloved movies that made them go from.

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The ultimate cameo, Baldwin only appears for one scene, and absolutely steals the movie — a feat made all the more impressive by the fact.

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37 of Alfred Hitchcock's films, Alfred Hitchcock made a total of 37 self-referential cameos in his films over a 50 year period (from ), if one counts his.

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We count down the best star cameos in movies in honor of the celebrity-stuffed " This Is the End.".

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Read '33 Great Movie Cameos'. It's not about quantity of screentime; it's about the quality. So the.

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There have been tons of celebrity cameos in movies over the years. Heck, Adam Sandler has made a career out of shoving random celebrities.

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So here are some neat ways that a director opted to show up in their film without taking the spotlight at the same time. These are creative little cameos that you.