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Services Paid under Fee Schedule or Payment System other than OPPS. B, Codes Not Recognized by OPPS when submitted on Outpatient Hospital Part B Bill.

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Indicator. Item/Code/Service. OPPS Payment Status. Services furnished to a hospital (3) Brachytherapy Sources (3) Paid under OPPS; Separate APC payment.

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PROPOSED OPPS PAYMENT STATUS INDICATORS. Indicator Paid under OPPS; separate APC payment (1) Packaged APC payment if billed on the same.

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OPPS Payment Status Indicators. Medicare has N, No additional payment, payment included in line items with APC s for incidental service.

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The revenue center status indicator code is most useful with outpatient hospital some lines may be bundled into an APC and paid under the outpatient PPS.

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Beginning July 1, , there are some changes in the status indicators on some of the procedures. You will note that some of the add-on.

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OPPS Payment Status Indicators - This adopted addendum lists the is the full amount for the procedure with the highest APC payment rate;.

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If a claim contains two APCs, one of which has a status indicator 'S', and the other has a status What if the 'T' status APC has a higher weight?.

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How are APC payments calculated? Is there a requirement that the HCPCS codes submitted for payment to Medicare by the hospital and by a treating physician.

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Under OPPS a status indicator is assigned to each code by on this being a surgical procedure the SI for that code under APC would be T.