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The other day he played Cait one game and, halfway through, just says "Why do I even play Vayne?" He knows he could do better, he just.

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I've been flaming and harassing people on my smurfs on EU/EUNE as hi im gosu, and I just want to say that I have only 2 accounts, Ty for reading god bless.

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"Gosu" is a League of Legends player and a streamer for Team SoloMid. Soloqueue IDs, hi im gosu, G U CK F O S U,

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What a GOD Nothing special to see diamond smurfs "Unranked to Diamond" Streams. Nah. Gosu's Vayne mechanics are pretty damn good, nice to watch.

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Hi Im Rush God / / Lv. Nunu & Willump. Nunu & Willump. Psycho Smurf. Azir. Azir. Dedoarriv. Vayne Hi Im Rush God. Kai'Sa. Kai'Sa. Hi Im Gosu God.

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NA FLASH FAKER | GOSU GOD VAYNE | DEKAR WITH 1v4 OUTPLAY | SCARRA | LoL hi im Gosu drunk flash juke + laugh ft. trick2g - League of Legends · hi im Gosu . hi im Gosu - Draven #1 (Plat 1 Smurf )

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Watch and Download free Hi Im Gosu Youtube Video on many video type quality 3gp hi im Gosu - Draven #1 (Plat 1 Smurf) What a god Hi im Gosu.

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Just search on yt "doublelift vs hi im gosu" and you'll see. megayetipus. C9 Balls could do the same with his smurf, C9 Gun. Meteos has . When I watch him get a new sub, the "hiimgosu, what a god!" Sounds a lot like.

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hi im gosu - Twitch Full Game Diamond 1 Gosu - SMURFING IN DIAMOND 5 .. Gosu "Vayne God" Montage (Best Of Gosu) | League of Legends .

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I god damn 3v1'd half their team effortlessly, if I'd gotten my . Pleasedontcampme is Hi I'm Gosu's smurf, and that dude has some pretty crazy.