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Viburnum plicatum is a dense, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that Bloom time of f. plicatum typically occurs about two weeks later than that of f.

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These plants are identical in most respects, except V. plicatum bears clusters of The flat-topped flower clusters of var. tomentosum-types generally feature a.

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This profile page also covers Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum. The difference is V. plicatum var. plicatum flowers are snowball-type flower clusters and.

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Monrovia's Doublefile Viburnum details and information. that display the magnificent, large, white, lacecap flower clusters, creating a stunning show in spring.

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Mariesii doublefile viburnum shrubs offer multi-season interest. Learn all about the bushes, Doublefile viburnums are shrubs that bloom in late spring. If you need a large plant . Love Their Flowers · Tree & Shrub Basics.

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Mariesii doublefile is a very beautiful shrub, much appreciated in our gardens for its appealing blooming. Viburnum plicatum Mariesii facts. Name – Viburnum.