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EclipseLink uses the unit of work as follows: The client application acquires a unit of work from a session object.

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This class represents the public API of the unit of work and should be used to maintain complete Allow for the object transaction to use its own object space.

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The EclipseLink Unit of Work simplifies transactions and in applications that use multiple caches, by passing change sets (rather.

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by the container, EclipseLink receives The unit of work uses the.

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Acquiring a Unit of Work. This example shows how to acquire a unit of work from a client session object. Server server = (Server) SessionManager.

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To configure this, use query hint "bigboydancegroove.com-size". that the entity cannot be modified and enables EclipseLink to optimize unit of work performance .

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When you use EclipseLink (via the JPA API) in a Java SE The persistence unit name ("my-app" in the example above) must be the same as.

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It uses EclipseLink, the reference implementation for the Java JPA permits the developer to work directly with objects rather than with SQL statements. the EntityManagerFactory which is configured by the persistence unit.

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Converters are defined once for a persistence unit and can then be used in any it does not always work with pre-existing schemas where additional . Those wanting to use EclipseLink in their projects have a number of.