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We've been TTC for 3 years now so this is a blessing for my DH and I've been having the same problem.. brown spotting from 3 days Hello i had this happen to me before, the discharge started after my period was due.

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I too had seen little brown spotting when urinating, i am 2 weeks due for my next period, i had last period on 8th of may. I followed the ovulation.

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Brown spotting when period due - posted in Trying to Conceive: Hi,My period was due Friday. I had tested on the Wed with bigboydancegroove.comay.

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brown discharge instead of your period can have several causes Or you might experience a little pinkish-brown spotting or discharge around ovulation. For instance, if brown discharge is due to a cervical infection like.

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Whenever I have had brown spotting before my AF has got really heavy within a matter of a few hours. PLEASE any advice would be great.

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Spotting can occur a week or even a few days before a period is due. there is less bleeding and it usually appears as a pink or brownish discharge rather than .

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I'm new to this forum as I've just found out I am pregnant so hello everyone! My period is due tomorrow 9th April (i should be about 4weeks.

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Implantation bleeding can look a lot like your period, but means a very different thing. Here's how to spot it.