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Shooters, I just finished some Howa action work and I took a few videos. Here are some of the specs of this Howa short action.

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If you were to take a standard factory action, in brand "x" and shoot it out of the box, then true it up- what would the actual accuracy difference be?.

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He is the Howa accuracy specialist there,and builds on his own actions too He has written on several boards (inc The Hide) about the.

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I've had several Howa 's and Vanguard rifles brought to me by customers Action truing is done by single point cutting critical surfaces. in the field, and I have yet to build one that was left wanting in the accuracy dept.

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How practical it is to use a Howa action for a benchrest build is up to you. it cannot be inferred that they're equally fitted for accuracy. . I placed more with the Howa than with the Rem (trued), custom Rampro, custom.

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The Howa is a push feed, center fire rifle action built in Japan. The is available as a complete rifle or just a barreled action. The

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I have several Howa rifles and think they are way above average Here are several unique action features which lend to improved accuracy: flat however the action face somehow needs to be trued to insure %.

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I was wondering if a trued howa action would be a good action for a bench The price is reasonable and you can buy just the barreled action.

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Howa actions vs rem actions Guns & Ammo Discussion. above posts are correct here is a link to an article about it turning-japanese/ . No, but after truing, they shoot lights out.