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"A Stop at Willoughby" is episode 30 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. miles from the Sony Pictures Studios (formerly MGM) where nearly all Twilight Zone episodes were shot. "The Night of the Meek"; "Dust"; " Back There"; "The Whole Truth"; "The Invaders"; "A Penny for Your Thoughts".

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"The Whole Truth" is episode 50 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. . "Execution"; "The Big Tall Wish"; "A Nice Place to Visit"; " Nightmare as a Child"; "A Stop at Willoughby"; "The Chaser"; "A Passage for Trumpet".

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Season 1 | Episode 30 James Maloney in The Twilight Zone () The Twilight Zone () James Daly in The Twilight Episode complete credited cast.

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Nightmare As A Child” (season 1, episode 29; originally aired 4/29/) that this is the plot arc of at least 80 percent of all Twilight Zone episodes, . of Huckleberry Finn, it's a great line, because there's a stab of truth to it.

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Next week, Mr. James Daly stars in 'A Stop at Willoughby. . The entire episode is the equivalent of watching James Daly bounce from one.

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The Twilight Zone Episode A Stop at Willoughby Perhaps most exceptional of all, the performance of James Daly (known to science.

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Classic episodes include "The After-Hours," in which mannequins haunt a shopper, and "Time Enough at . Watch People Are Alike All Over. While napping on the train home, a harried adman dreams of Willoughby, a utopian town, then gets a . A used car salesman buys a car that dooms him to tell only the truth.